A world of plastic

We live in a world that surrounds us with plastic.

Telephones, medical equipment, household appliances, designer pieces, car interiors and most of the objects we use every day have plastic components… and we don’t even realise it!

Plastic is a material with many properties, including impermeability to liquids and gases, solidity at room temperature, excellent electrical, thermal and acoustic insulation, and resistance to the action of time. For these reasons, it is one of the most versatile, resistant and durable materials that allows us to achieve the most varied geometries.

Another important concept is that plastics are polymers.

“Ours will be remembered as the age of polymers”,
Paul John Flory, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1974.

So here we are, after the age of stone, iron and bronze, in the age of polymers!

Any type of plastic object, in order to exist, needs a mould. For this reason, each mould is unique and must be studied down to the smallest detail to guarantee the desired expectations.

Within the technical department, each mould takes shape thanks to our programmers, who have reached a level of experience that guarantees the realisation of the project in the least complex way possible, also in order to achieve a higher moulding speed during production.

We have invested in the training and growth of our operators, resulting in a team that works with precision and reliability and is motivated to achieve a better finished product.

We have established ourselves in the market by consolidating long-lasting working relationships with most of our customers, gaining the trust of some of the leading companies in their field.

The plastic that we help to create through moulds, which is long-lasting and useful in various sectors, is not to be confused with the ‘disposable’ plastic that has been seriously damaging our existence in recent decades due to uncivil and irresponsible behaviour.

FI.DAL. Stampi is very attentive to the wellbeing of the planet and is actively involved in waste disposal and in raising awareness towards others of the thrifty use of “disposable” plastic and its correct collection in order to promote its recycling. Together, we can achieve a clean world with plenty of plastic items, which are vital to make our lives easier in all areas.