In the business for more than a 25 years, FI.DAL Stampi boasts considerable experience when it comes to planning and manufacturing injection moulds for plastic and thermohardening materials. We are specializes to you also in the construction of stamps to svitamento automati to us.
The technical office where the products are designed is outfitted with sophisticated CAD-CAM equipment so as to provide the customer with the most complete service possible.
The technology used, and the professional outlook of FI.DAL Stampi‘s planning engineers and technicians are able to provide valid backup right from the very first development phases, guaranteeing a high degree of quality for the product.
Good moulds are essential if quality articles are to be obtained: FI.DAL Stampi pays the utmost attentionto every detail and is particularly careful about the finishing phase to ensure that the equipment provides long-lasting service.
FI.DAL Stampi is also able to supply prototypes and special finishes, such as photogravure and PVD coatings.